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Request requirements

In order to submit a request, the following must be provided, regardless of anonymous or not:

  • Name*
  • Full address*
  • Colors desired (full inventory will be provided later)
  • Style of product**
  • Design of product (as with color, full inventory will be provided later)

*Name and address will NEVER, under any circumstance, be disclosed to any other person. All requests WILLbe replied to privately. If name and address are not provided, the request will be disregarded and will not be fulfilled

**Styles include bracelets, key fobs, and a belt. The belt comes in only one style which will be discussed in a later post

Starting out

Okay, I’ve had this idea for a good while in the back of my head but never really followed through with it until a friend brought it up and told me to go with it. Either way, what this blog will be about is knot-tying. More specifically, knot-tying for bracelets, key fobs, necklaces, and belts. Pictures and prices will be posted later this month after I gather materials and supplies needed.